Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Skype Hire : Windows/Vmware Admin : San Francisco, CA


Please check and let me know.

Kindly Mail me at:

I need someone on this ASAP.

Role: Windows/Vmware Admin with some DevOps Traits
Duration: 9m+
Location: San Francisco
Interview: Technical Phone and then ideally in person in SF but will do Skype instead

Must Have:
1.    Powershell scripting
2.    Jenkins

 looking for a strong Systems Engineer contracting resource with experience in systems management and devops with respect to the Windows OS. The primary responsibility of this resource would be to set up the virtual infrastructure for our Windows cluster and help migrate workloads for the Sales Cloud from our trailing edge to the leading edge data centers. Specific skill-sets include the following:

Windows Administrator with devops traits. This person will be working very closely with Development teams in a matrixed fashion
Multiple VMs (vmware) of different MS Windows configurations (versions to bitness)
Jenkins master/slave configurations and Jenkins jobs migration.
Multiple Microsoft Exchange Servers (2010 and on)
Multiple Microsoft Sharepoint Servers

Multiple MS SQL Servers
WDS experience (Windows Deployment Service) and Windows SIM knowledges (unattended Windows Setup answer files. Answer files are XML-based files that are used during Windows Setup to configure and to customize the default Windows installation.)
Experience with multiple internal services (UserManager, Simulators)
Experience with configuring and maintaining Google mail, O365 access
Experience with configuring and maintaining network drives
Configure, Integrate, Connect/Firewall/Whitelist, Security Approve and Test
DC / AD management and Powershell Scripting skills
Basics of Linux/Unix OS and OS agnostic protocol (DNS, DHCP, etc)
Experience using distributed version control systems like GIT and centralized version control systems like Subversion or Perforce
Prior experience with testing frameworks (Selenium/WebDriver)

Thank you!!

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