Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Full Stack Developer --- SFO CA


This is Tom here.


Title          : Full Stack Developer

Location  : SFO CA

Duration : 3 + Months



Must have: Python 

Must have: Django, flask, or other web framework

Must have: Javascript or jquery experience (preferred React, but smaller pool of people using react). 


- minimum three years working experience in Python.

- worked in python (programming language), Django or Flask (web framework)

- built REST API's.

- used RabbitMQ (queue managment), Celery (asynchronous workers)

- works as contractors in well known companies - ex: walmartlabs, ebay, paypal, etc.

- postgresql or mysql (as database. I am fine with Mongo or other . NoSQL database.)

- familiar with ansible, chef, puppet  or docker

- knows AWS - (amazon web services)



- understands javascript, jquery

- familiar with react framework. (this is getting popular in last one year). So, I am fine, if they can pickup React



Thanks & Regards


Tom Martin

SPAR Information Systems




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