Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SAS Admin at Pleasanton, CA || Tableau Architect at Pleasanton, CA

Title: SAS Admin  

Pleasanton, CA


Minimum 6+ Years and ideally 6+ years of relevant hands-on experience

·                SAS/ACCESS, SAS/ODS, SAS/EG and SAS/ETL Studio.
·                Expertise in developing SAS applications for reporting and ETL process.
·                Excellent command in analyzing data and producing reports by employing various SAS
·                Procedures and modifying existing SAS programs and creating new SAS programs using SAS
·                techniques
·                Extensive experience in creating SAS Datasets and manipulating the data for the preparation of
·                reports, tables, listings and graphs
·                Experience  in importing data from flat files, and exporting  data to excel and csv files by using
·                Proc Import and Proc Export respectively
·                Generated reports using PROC Report and DATA _NULL_ for customized report writing
·                Good experience in storing and managing data in SAS files, merging SAS Data sets, using
·                ARRAYS and MACROS, SAS procedures, SAS FORMATS, and SAS INFORMATS
·                Experience in data cleaning, editing, and data purification in SAS data steps
·                Experience in using various functions for both text and numeric data as needed
·                Experience in implementing data warehousing solutions
·                Effective team player with strong communication & interpersonal skills and self-motivated
·                individual with strong technical & analytical ability

Title: Tableau Architect



Minimum 6+ Years and ideally 6+ years of relevant hands-on experience 

Responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the data warehouse and business intelligence solution.
·        • Maintain and guide the technical architecture, standards and infrastructure of the technologies and tools used in the BI program.
·        • Support data governance related initiatives for the BI Program
·        • Development and maintenance of a robust enterprise level data model for the various layers of the BI solution.
·        • Architect and design the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and BI solution with a primary focus on Solution Architecture (ETL&BI layers) and Data Modeling.
·        • Collaborate with the Software Engineers to ensure proper implementation, testing, and validation, and guide solution development with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
·        • Serve as technical expert and assist when needed in day-to-day BI and Database Administration (DBA) team support providing guidance in technical design and issue resolution.
·        • Facilitate workshops and work closely with business and technology stakeholders to successfully deliver the conceptual, logical and physical data model for the EDW.
·        • Provide recommendations on ETL and BI development best practices.
·        • Provide recommendations on the evolution of the architecture of the overall data warehouse and business intelligence platform.
·        • Design, implement and maintain the ETL process flow, including data quality and testing.
·        • Design, implement and maintain security requirements for the data warehouse.
·        • Define meta-data, master data & reference data standards for the data warehouse
·        • Design ETL and BI test strategy.
·        • Document technical requirements and design modifications.
·        • Create architecture and underlying technical design documentation to communicate solutions that will be implemented.
·        • Assist in the development and maintenance of a data dictionary/report dictionary/metrics library

Thanks & Regards,
Baidyanath Kamti
Nityo Infotech Corp
Desk: 609-853-0818 X 2106
Gtalk/Yahoo: baidya.recruiter

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